The Rising 55 stores building, touching the sky. The Peak condo Cambodia is a heaven of luxury on the white clouds. It’s a package of shops, offices, and restaurants all together in your residence and also the most prestigious Shangri hotel of Phnom Penh, Shangri-La Hotel comes to your residence. This type of combination of everything is in a mixed use development which you have never experienced. Its Bars Restaurants and ballrooms will please you.

peak condo cambodia the shape of future in cambodia
The clad of Peak condo Cambodia is of Luxury:

Peak condo Cambodia is cladded in stylish bronze, the colour itself indicates you toward luxury. It has two towers of 500 units which are paragons of dynamic structure.

Why the Peak condo Cambodia:

  • Dollarized currency will give you a stable currency interchange value.
  • Foreign investors are feasting hard to get the space in the peak.
  • Cambodia is in the phase of developing its Infrastructure, property market & Economy. You can take the advantage of the first investor to reap its advantages.
  • Under the current Prime Minister Hun Sen Cambodia is enjoying a stable political condition.
  • Location of Peak condo Cambodia is fascinating. It is central to Tourist Hub and near to CBD Area. AEO Mall is located within walking distance. Embassies Hotel, Naga World Casino.
  • You will be sharing the same address as Shangri-La Hotel. You don’t have to pay Capital Gain Tax, ABSD & TDSR
  • Banquet your eyes on the endless visual beauty of the entire Phnom Penh City, the river and the Diamond Island From your apartment.

Detail of Peak condo Cambodia:

It offers you a space for restaurant, office, gymnasium, sports (both indoor & outdoor), as well as living also. The card access security will offer you a better security. Combining both the tower it has 190 studios, 803 numbers of bedrooms including 21 penthouses. It also has pool deck, yoga room, kids play pool, swimming pool, restroom with stem room, poolside lounge, outdoor pavilion, landscape deck, International school for better education and so on countless facilities. Peak condo Cambodia is a place where you can live, play, work and Trade. The estimated opening of the condo Cambodia is in the year 2020.