These are condos build for tourists and business personnel. They have 30 stories comprised of 305 residences. The place is exotic. It’s the most suitable place in Singapore to spend a quality time. The art and architecture will blow your brains away. It is built in a commercial area specifically to equip residents with every possible facility. Life and lifestyle of this place is worth taking a chance.

some details about sturdee residences singapore


Simply saying the words of the wise people “A man is known by the company he or she keeps”. Some people often make decision about the behavior and the worth of any one. So the case with the property and the apartments are the same. They show your worth by depict your class and status.

The locale and the location of the Sturdee Residences is one of the best. Not by words, rather the company and the buildings that the Residence faces is glorifying and transmitting its worth. The recently opened Connexion is just a milestone in such site and heritage dated to more than 170 years. The wellness centers and their completions are just been done in this locale. The first Singapore hospitality, build above Farrer Park, is the place of wellness and a sign of continuous development for this area. The area is provided by many specialist even more than 300 doctors and more than 200 bedded facilities and more than 600 medical professions. The building comprises of 20-storey and complex span at a total land of more than 60,000 meter sq. and thus provides a life style at the ground floor.

These belongings are just increasing the worth of Sturdee Residence project and the day to day increment in the nearby areas will surely urge and forces the people to choose this location as their dream home.