Everyone has the perfect dream to owe house with all the luxury and The Terrace EC are the biggest condos with all luxury to people with such dreams.

unique condos with high class style for you

The terrace EC and its location

So, if you are looking for house then register yourself in the terrace EC. It is being developed by the peak developer pte. ltd, on the 99 years old leased land. The project is under construction right now and it is expected to get completed in the 2017. So, by the end of 2017 the flats will be available. Coming to the location of the terrace EC, it is situated near punggol waterway which gives amazing view on punggol driveway. The condominium has facilities like beach, sun deck, activity rooms, steam rooms and what not. Basically all units and the whole condominium as well have all the facilities with the high class luxury to give people a life experience of residing in the world class condominium with the low priced units.

What can you find in vicinity?

In the vicinity of terrace condos you will find everything from entertainment to necessity. Schools and other infra are found around. Also, some mall projects are coming up which are also short drive away. Kadaloor and Punggol railway station too are found nearby.

Can you get the flat in terrace EC?

Not everyone can get the flat in the Punggol executive condominiums as per the rules of Singapore laws. They are kept open for the citizens only and to the people who are professionals and above the age of 21 years. And, the most important requirement is that you must be citizen to get the unit. So, what are you waiting for get yourself register in one of the biggest and luxurious condominiums with the reasonable prices.